Loading projects from FREE version

This tutorial will show you how to load projects you made from FREE version to PRO version.

  1. In PRO version, click on the Open Project button in the main screen, you will see the Load Project dialog, then click on the Import project from the FREE version button at the bottom.

  2. The next dialog will show the instructions how to import projects from FREE version.

    First, click on the Copy button to copy the folder path of FREE version. Then click on the Browse button to open a folder picker dialog.

  3. Paste the copied folder path on the edit text at the bottom, then click on Select Folder button.

  4. All projects from FREE version will be listed in the showing dialog.

    Now you can select a project from FREE version to be imported to PRO version. If you want to import another project, just open the Import projects dialog again and then select a project to import.