Main menu

The app's Main page provides access to main features, which are organized into two main categories.

  • The features to work with movie projects.
  • The quick tools for simple and fast video editing functions such as trim, split, slow motion...
  • Working with movie projects

    Movie project is the main app feature, which helps users create movie from photos, video clips, and music.

    • New Project: Create a new movie project
    • Open Project: Load a project that was saved previously. This feature is only available with the PRO license.
    • Recent Project: Resume the latest project from previous session

    Quick Tools

    Quick tools provide fast access to selected video editing functions. Some tools are only available with the PRO license.

    • Convert Video: convert user's video clip to MP4/WMV format
    • Rotate Video: rotate video clip 90, 180, 270 degrees to the left or right
    • Mute Video: remove sound from video clip
    • Extract Audio: extract audio track from video clip and save as MP3 file
    • Crop Video: crop video clip to remove the outer areas
    • Trim Video: trim video clip to remove the begining and ending parts
    • Split Video: split video clip into smaller parts
    • Join Videos: join several video clips into one longer clip
    • Slow Motion: change the speed of video clip
    • Stabilize Video: stabilize shaky video clip
    • Overlay Video: add overlay videos to a background video
    • Green Screen: make green screen (or chroma keying) effect
    • Enhance Video: enhance video clip with some color filters