Working with project

  1. From the Main page, select New Project to create a new blank project

  2. Click the Add clip button to add new clips into the project. New clips can be added from photos, videos, or title slide. You can also select the new clip's position: current position, begin of project, or end of project.

  3. Clip arrangement

    Click on each photo, video clip, or title slide to select. Then drag and drop it to the position of your preference.

  4. Changing basic settings

    For each photo, video clip, or title slide in your project, there are several settings that you can change, including duration, layout, transition, volume. When you select a thumbnail on the storyboard, the appropriate settings will show up as a toolbar under the preview thumbnail.

    Basic settings for video clip

    Basic settings for photo

    Basic settings for title

    You can delete a video clip, photo, or title slide by clicking the Delete button at the right side of toolbar.

  5. Save project

    Save project is necessary if you want to stop working with your current project, or switch to another project, then resume to the first project later. In order to save project, press the Save project button at the bottom toolbar. You will be asked to input a project name for save.

    Note: the project will be saved to local app state folder, which is not accessible by user in normal circumstances. Also the Save project feature is only available with the Pro license.

  6. Preview project

    Project can be previewed by clicking on the play button at the middle of screen.

  7. Make movie from project

    Press Save videofrom the bottom toolbar to save your current project to video.


    Project can be saved to a MP4/WMV file in HD/FHD quality with several basic options. If you have problem with making movie, please select different encoders in the setting dialog