Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What are the differences between FREE and PRO versions? Why I see them identical?

If you install only FREE version or only PRO version on your PC, you will see the differences as described here.
However, if you install both versions on the same computer, all features on the FREE version will be unlocked automatically. In this case, you will see the two apps are nearly identical. You can continue working on the FREE version. However we recommend you to transfer all your projects to the PRO version so you will work with only one app.

2. I am working on a video project on the FREE app. I decided to purchase the PRO app to use advanced features. What should I do?

Starting from version, transferring your project from the FREE app to PRO app is very straightforward.

  • Close the FREE app (DO NOT uninstall the app, and DO NOT create any new project as the new project will overwrite the current one).
  • Purchase and install the PRO app on the same PC.
  • After the installation is finished, open the PRO app to import the project from the FREE app.
  • See more detailed instruction here.
  • NOTE: Your unsaved project on FREE app will show up as "Latest project from FREE app".