Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The app freezes or crashes unexpectedly while I was working on a project. What should I do?

The app freeze/crash issue is usually caused by out of date graphics driver and you need a driver update. You can open Device Manger → Display adapter to see details of your graphics adapter including the adapter's name. After that you can get the latest device driver from its manufacturer's website below:

While saving (exporting) video from a project, I got the error message "Stream is not in a state to handle the request". Sometimes the video can be exported successfully but the quality is bad. What should I do?

There are a number of reasons that may cause this issue. Please try the followings:

  • Save video again with another Encoder option.
  • Update your graphics driver as instructed here.
  • If your project contains video clips that are not of MP4 format, convert them to MP4 using the Convert Video quick tool then replace the clip in your project with the new MP4 file.

What is the difference between Save video and Save project?

When you are working on a movie project, you will find two buttons at the bottom toolbar: Save video and Save project.

  • Save project is for saving your project so that you can open it and make further editing later. The project will be saved to the app's local folder.
  • Save video is for exporting your current video project to a single video file. You will be able to select the output folder to store the video file. After the exporting process is done, you can play the file with other media players or share the file with your friends.

What are the differences between FREE and PRO versions? Why I see them identical?

The FREE app and PRO app are two separated apps. If you install only FREE version or only PRO version on your PC, you will see the differences as described here.
However, if you install both versions on the same computer, all features on the FREE version will be unlocked automatically. In this case, you will see the two apps are nearly identical. You can continue working on the FREE version. However we recommend you to transfer all your projects to the PRO version so you will work with only one app.

I am working on a video project on the FREE app. I decided to purchase the PRO app to use advanced features. What should I do?

Thank you very much for buying our app. You can install the PRO app then transfer your working project from the FREE app to the PRO app to use advanced features. Starting from app version 2.9, this is very easy. Please follow the steps below.

  • Close the FREE app (DO NOT uninstall the app, and DO NOT create any new project as the new project will overwrite the current autosaved project).
  • Purchase and install the PRO app on the same PC.
  • After the the PRO app is installed, open the FREE app. You will see that all features on the FREE app is now unlocked.
  • Select RECENT PROJECT from the FREE app's main page to load your autosaved project.
  • After the project is loaded successfully, press Save Project on the bottom toolbar to save your project. Your project will be saved to the app's Home Folder.
  • Now close the FREE app again, then open the PRO app and select Manage Project from main page. You will see the project that you have saved from the FREE app. You can continue working with that project on the PRO app from now on.

I want to install the PRO app on a different PC? Is it possible and do I have to pay again?

As per the Microsoft Store policy, after purchasing you can install HD Movie Maker - PRO on up to 10 PCs for your own use. Just log in Microsoft Store with the Store account that you used to purchase HD Movie Maker - PRO, then the Store will recognize your app license and you will be able to install the app.