Video Collage

Video Collage is used to put several videos and photos into a single video by using templates.

  1. Select Video Collage in the Quick Tools section to open the tool.

  2. First choose a template. In HD Movie Maker, there are over 25 templates available for you to choose from.

  3. Next, click on a section and pick a video/photo for that part.

  4. There a several things you can do with the video/photo you added.

    • By selecting the button next to the zoom out button on the second row, you can change the video/photo.

    • The bottom slider is used to change the scale of the video/photo. You can also click the zoom in and zoom out button located inline with the slider for this.

    • Drag and drop the inside of the frame will change the position of the video/photo.

    • To reset the position and scale of the video/photo to the default, select the reset button next to the zoom in button located on the second row.

    • Use the botton timeline slider to seek through the video and check if the video fits properly as you need. (Video only)

    • You can choose to enable/disable the sound of the selected video by clicking the sound option in the leftmost corner of first row. (Video only)

  5. To preview the collage before saving, use the Preview button.

    The Preview window will be in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  6. When you’re done, select Save video.

  7. Select output movie settings, then press OK.

  8. Next, choose the location of the output video file. .

  9. After HD Movie Maker finished processing, you can view the output video.