Convert Video

Convert Video is used to convert video of various formats to the .mp4, .mkv and .wmv format, which is compatible with HD Movie Maker.

  1. First, you need to download Video Converter - Pro from Microsoft Store. Don’t worry about the pricing as it is free for Movie Maker 10 -Free and HD Movie Maker - PRO users.

  2. After that, open it using Convert Video button in the Quick Tools section.

  3. Click on Add video to choose the video you want to convert. Multiple videos can be added.

  4. To delete a video, select the video, then choose Remove.

  5. When you finished adding, click on Convert video to open the Output Video Option menu.

  6. Next, choose one of the presets available, and change other settings as needed. Note: If you want this video to be used in HD Movie Maker, use the For HD Movie Maker preset.

  7. When you’re done, select OK to convert the video.

  8. After the convert process is finished, select Open output files to open the folder containing the output video.