Overlay Video

Overlay Video is used to put videos on top of a main video. A visual example of this is gaming videos, when the video of the player is placed on top of the gameplay video.

  1. To open the tool, select Overlay Video in the Quick Tools section.

    Then, choose the background video.

  2. Click on Add overlay to add a photo or video overlay. Multiple photos/videos can be added.

    A frame will appear surround the overlay photo/video. Blue indicates the selected while white is not selected.

  3. You can drag the overlay photo/video directly to change the position.

  4. The size can be changed by dragging one of the corners of the frame.

  5. You can also change the starting time of the overlay photo/video by dragging the slider above the video timeline.

  6. Select the preview button to see the adjustments you made.

  7. When you’re happy with your changes, select Save video.

  8. Select output movie settings, then press OK.

  9. Next, choose the location of the output video file. .

  10. After HD Movie Maker finished processing, you can view the output video.